Show simple item record Reznik, O. M. Рєзнік, О. М. ORCID: Hetmanets, O. P. Гетманець, О. П. ORCID: Kovalchuk, A. Nastyuk, V. Andriichenko, N. 2021-10-07T08:44:58Z 2021-10-07T08:44:58Z 2020
dc.description Financial security of the state / Oleg Reznik, Olga Getmanets, Andrii Kovalchuk and ot. // Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues. – 2020. – Vol. 9, № 3. – P. 843-852. – DOI: uk_UA
dc.description Reznik, O., Olga Getmanets, O., Kovalchuk, A., Nastyuk, V., Andriichenko, N. 2020. Financial security of the state. Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues, 9(3), 843-852.
dc.description.abstract Стаття присвячена дослідженню фінансової безпеки держави як складової його національної безпеки. Встановлено, що фінансова безпека - це здатність держави адекватно і негайно реагувати на внутрішні і зовнішні негативні фінансові впливи в мирний час і в надзвичайних ситуаціях, зокрема в контексті гібридної війни. uk_UA
dc.description.abstract The article deals with the study of the fnancial security of the state as a component of its national security. It has been established that fnancial security is state’s ability to react in an adequate and immediate way to internal and external negative fnancial influences in peacetime and in emergency situations, in particular in the context of a hybrid war. It has been established that the components of the fnancial security of the state are banking, debt, budget, currency and monetary security. It has been found out that corruption, fnancial and economic crime, hybrid war, fscal decentralization, and lack of a strategy to protect the fnancial and economic interests of the state are threats to the fnancial security of the states in the present conditions. At the same time, proper protection of the fnancial security of the state against internal and external threats is possible only in case of quality management of the fnancial and economic sphere, frst of all, this is the identifcation of threats to the fnancial security of the state, conducting of fnancial control, and counteraction and combating against fnancial and economic crimes, which is the task of law enforcement agencies. The development of the idea of creating a single law enforcement agency of Ukraine empowered to prevent, detect, suspend and investigate fnancial and economic crimes was considered. For comparison, attention was drawn to foreign experience, namely Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, for which the activity of such law enforcement agencies is already established practice. The positive aspects which can be implemented in Ukraine as well as in other countries, intending to create a new law enforcement entity, were emphasized. en
dc.description.abstract Статья посвящена исследованию финансовой безопасности государства как составляющей его национальной безопасности. Установлено, что финансовая безопасность - это способность государства адекватно и незамедлительно реагировать на внутренние и внешние негативные финансовые влияния в мирное время и в чрезвычайных ситуациях, в частности в контексте гибридной войны. ru
dc.language.iso en uk_UA
dc.publisher Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues. – 2020. – Vol. 9, № 3. – P. 843-852 uk_UA
dc.subject Наукові публікації. Scientific publications. Научные публикации uk_UA
dc.subject publikatsii u zarubizhnomu vydanni uk_UA
dc.subject publikatsii u Scopus uk_UA
dc.subject Україна. Ukraine. Украина uk_UA
dc.subject Фінансове право. Бюджетне право. Банківське право. Financis Law. Budget Law. Banking Law. Финансовое право. Бюджетное право. Банковское право uk_UA
dc.subject financial system uk_UA
dc.subject financial security uk_UA
dc.subject national security uk_UA
dc.subject corruption uk_UA
dc.subject organized crime uk_UA
dc.subject financial police uk_UA
dc.subject фінансова система uk_UA
dc.subject фінансове забезпечення uk_UA
dc.subject національна безпека uk_UA
dc.subject корупція uk_UA
dc.subject організована злочинність uk_UA
dc.subject фінансова поліція uk_UA
dc.subject поліція uk_UA
dc.subject полиция uk_UA
dc.subject police uk_UA
dc.subject финансовая система uk_UA
dc.subject финансовая безопасность uk_UA
dc.subject национальная безопасность uk_UA
dc.subject коррупция uk_UA
dc.subject организованная преступность uk_UA
dc.subject финансовая полиция uk_UA
dc.subject гібридна війна uk_UA
dc.title Financial security of the state uk_UA
dc.type Article uk_UA

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