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Феноменологічний аналіз кримінальної агресії

Show simple item record Гладкова, Є. О. Gladkova, Ye. O. ORCID: ResearcherID: I-7032-2016 2017-04-27T06:21:43Z 2018-04-02T14:42:33Z 2017-04-27T06:21:43Z 2018-04-02T14:42:33Z 2017
dc.description Гладкова, Є. О. Феноменологічний аналіз кримінальної агресії / Євгенія Олексіївна Гладкова // Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2017. - № 1 (15). - С. 75-82. uk_UA.UTF8
dc.description Hladkova, Yu. O. (2017), “Phenomenological analysis of criminal aggression” [Fenomenolohichnyi analiz kryminalnoi ahresii], Visnyk Kryminolohichnoi asotsiatsii Ukrainy, No. 1, pp. 75–82.
dc.description.abstract Статтю присвячено аналізу визначення, елементів та змісту кримінальної агресії. Розглянуто специфіку психологічних механізмів формування та розвитку різних типів агресивної поведінки. uk_UA.UTF8
dc.description.abstract Aggressive behavior is one of the most dangerous manifestations of human behavior as it is often reincarnated in diverse multi-action criminal acts, which undoubtedly are the results of the manifestation of certain personal characteristics of the individual. Considering this the most important is to study criminal aggression not only in theoretical aspect, but also to establish the factors (and, above all, psychological) affecting the mechanisms of aggressive behavior in order to develop adequate measures of prevention to protect individuals and society in the whole from this type of crime. Cognition of the essence and nature of aggressive criminal behavior is possible only in case, when the object of a comprehensive interdisciplinary phenomenological analysis of the relevant professionals is aggression as a personal trait of a man. Aggression should be distinguished from aggressiveness that is the form of behavior from the personality’s traits. Aggression – is a set of specific actions that cause damage to another object, and aggressiveness is provided by the person’s readiness, on whom the aggression is directed, to perceive and interpret the behavior of the aggressor in a proper way. In this sense, perhaps we can talk about the potentially aggressive perception and potentially aggressive interpretation as a stable personal trait of the view of life and worldview. Aggressiveness can be also understood as a person’s reaction to frustration of needs and conflict, expressed in subjective tendency to hostile behavior aimed at complete or partial restriction of liberty, actions, expression of will of another person or community, their management, inflicting damage or suffering. Separation of the concepts of “aggression” and “aggressiveness” leads to the formulation of a number of important conclusions. On the one hand, aggressiveness of a person as a trait is not really the object of any aggressive actions of a subject. On the other hand, human aggressiveness is not always manifested in clearly aggressive actions. Manifestation or non-manifestation of aggressiveness as a personal trait in specific acts of behavior is always the result of comprehensive interaction of trans-situational and situational factors. In case of aggressive actions of a non-aggressive person, a factor of the situation is the basis of the dominance of this system of actions. In case of aggressive actions of an aggressive person, the primacy belongs to personal qualities of this person. Criminal law and criminology mainly deal with the destructive (malignant) aggression, although the Criminal Code of Ukraine has Articles with criminal liability for the violence committed during the protection from the attack, but exceeding the limits of necessary defense or extreme necessity. Physical and verbal aggression committed for lucrative motives, is a mean of satisfying living individual needs, rather than implementation of destructive aspirations for destruction and ruin. en
dc.description.abstract Статья посвящена анализу понятия, элементов и содержания криминальной агрессии. Рассмотрена специфика психологических механизмов формирования и развития разных типов агрессивного поведения. ru
dc.language.iso other uk_UA.UTF8
dc.publisher Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2017. - № 1 (15). - С. 75-82 uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject Кримінологія. Criminology. Криминология uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject Наукові публікації. Scientific publications. Научные публикации uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject Україна. Ukraine. Украина uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject кримінологічний аналіз uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject кримінальна агресія uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject насильство uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject особистість uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject протидія злочинності uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject запобігання злочинам uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject criminological analysis uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject criminal aggression uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject violence uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject personality uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject combating crime uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject prevention of crimes uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject агресія uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject агрессия uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject aggression uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject криминологический анализ uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject криминальная агрессия uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject насилие uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject личность uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject противодействие преступности uk_UA.UTF8
dc.subject предупреждение преступлений uk_UA.UTF8
dc.title Феноменологічний аналіз кримінальної агресії uk_UA.UTF8
dc.title.alternative Phenomenological analysis of criminal aggression uk_UA.UTF8
dc.title.alternative Феноменологический анализ криминальной агрессии uk_UA.UTF8
dc.type Article uk_UA.UTF8

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