Ensuring the economic security of Ukraine in the aspect of the association agreement between the EU

Дослідження характеризує економічну безпеку як сукупність умов, необхідних для забезпечення нормального економічного розвитку країни та відновлення розриву у розвитку порівняно з країнами Європи під час інтеграції України до ЄС.
The study characterizes economic security as a set of conditions that are necessary to ensure the normal economic development of the country and restore the gap in development in comparison with European countries during Ukraine's integration into the EU. It is shown that ensuring economic security is an important function of the state. The problem of economic security arises not only from the definition of the internal policy of the state, but also determines the issues of foreign strategy. The necessity of calculating the main safety criteria has been proved, allowing to anticipate possible dangers, determine potential current and future damage and take preventive measures. Stability and development require a dynamic approach to solving the problem of economic security. This is mainly due to the rapid change in indicators of economic security and indicators with a change in the operating conditions of international, political, economic, market and other systems. The urgency of solving the problems of economic security is based on the need to get rid of the dependence of the national economy on the level of competition in world markets. This is due to the emergence of serious economic risks arising when the actual values of economic security indicators go beyond the threshold levels. The current level of economic security has been investigated by calculating indicators that characterize all sectors of the national economy. The most problematic areas requiring immediate response have been identified. The presented methodology for calculating the integral indicator of the economic security of Ukraine quite accurately describes the current state of the national economy and can be practically applicable to domestic and foreign government bodies in the analysis of critical vulnerabilities of national economic security.
Исследование характеризует экономическую безопасность как совокупность условий, которые необходимы для обеспечения нормального экономического развития страны и восстановления разрыва в развитии по сравнению с европейскими странами в период интеграции Украины в ЕС.
Ensuring the economic security of Ukraine in the aspect of the association agreement between the EU / Leonid Mohilevskyi, Viktoryia Fursa, Iryna Sievidova and oth. // European Journal of Sustainable Development. – 2021. – Vol. 10, Issue 2. – P. 171-186. – DOI:10.14207/ejsd.2021.v10n2p171.
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