Psychological features of children who have experienced cyber violence






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Габітус. - 2020. - Вип. 18, т. 1. - С. 122-127


Розглянуто проблему кібернасильства як нову форму загрози психологічній та соціальній безпеці особистості. Відображено зміст та форму кібернасильства щодо дітей. Проаналізовано вплив кібернасильства на життя дитини. Розкрито наслідки кібернасильства для психоемоційного стану дитини. Проаналізовано особливості дослідження, фактори виникнення та попередження кібернасильства.
The article examines the problem of cyber violence as a new form of threat to the psychological and social security of the individual reflects the content and forms of cyber violence against children. The influence of cyber violence on a child’s life is analyzed. The consequences of cyber violence on the psycho-emotional state of the child are revealed. The aim of the study was to analyze the research features, factors of occurrence and prevention of cyber violence. Analysis of domestic and foreign studies of various forms of cyberbullying has allowed us to systematize the psychological characteristics of “victims” on the following indicators: victim relations; communicative abilities of the sides; hostility – aggression; sociometrist status; emotional and psychological features; behavior in a conflict situation. Harm caused to children and adolescents in or through the virtual environment is an act of real violence and has consequences in the real world. This violence, starting from materials depicting sexual abuse of children to online harassment, is the result of new forms of social interaction that take place in a qualitatively different environment, commonly known as cyberspace. Measures taken by individual states may not be sufficient. Acommon approach of all stakeholders is needed to support children’s right to access information, as well as to protect them from harm that may be done to them. This approach emphasizes the need for serious accountability on the part of business organizations, as well as governments and civil society. The most priority areas of research include the study of the consequences of prolonged contact with materials of harmful content, as well as analysis of the nature and consequences of crimes associated with the exploitation of minors by their peers.
Рассмотрена проблема кибернасилия как новая форма угрозы психологической и социальной безопасности личности. Отражены содержание и форма кибернасилия в отношении детей. Проанализировано влияние кибернасилия на жизнь ребенка. Раскрыты последствия кибернасилия для психоэмоционального состояния ребенка. Проанализированы особенности исследования, факторы возникновения и предупреждения кибернасилия.


Mannapova, K. R. Psychological features of children who have experienced cyber violence / Mannapova K. R., Tverdokhvalova Yu. L. // Габітус. - 2020. - Вип. 18, т. 1. - С. 122-127. - DOI: 5208.2020.18.1.22.

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