Духовно-ціннісна концепція праворозуміння як перспектива розвитку кримінотеології

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Juris Europensis Scientia. – 2022. – Вип. 2. – С. 112-119
Досліджено проблеми, пов’язаних з обґрунтуванням духовно-ціннісної концепції праворозуміння та необхідності її практичної реалізації у кримінотеології.
The author, by applying the interdisciplinary method of scientific research, almost for the first time in domestic legal science made an attempt to spatially comprehend legal science from the standpoint of spiritual and cultural values and its links with criminology. Original ideas, which were generated from a variety of scientific research, as it were, layered on the canvas of general theoretical and legal science, later conceptualized and rethought in a relatively new direction in the domestic criminological science - criminotheology. The adaptation of criminology to higher states encourages reaching the spiritual and value meanings of the irrationality of being. Such values form the "concept of integrity" in criminology, which is most interested in identifying manifestations of evil with all its diversity, in order to direct the existence of the world in the direction of piety. Good on this path is the most powerful force. Its nobility contradicts violence, which contradicts the original image of God in human life, and distorts its true nature, but here is the true purpose of the high meanings of life. Great humanist fathers understanding the anthropological world, determining the highest place of human in it, did everything possible to elevate the human personality to unknown heights, without realizing what kind of leaven is laid in the development of mankind. The greatness of humans is good, but here it is important not to overshadow the image of God in human nature, to preserve in it the fundamental principle - the soul, pure and unsullied, which is the most valuable of all the riches of the world. As a guarantee of merging developments, the author proposes to build a spiritual and value concept of legal understanding with the prospect of its implementation in criminological science on the basis of high spiritual principles of understanding the law, accumulated social experience as tools for merging modern concepts of criminology, eliminating gaps in their fragmentation.
Исследованы проблемы, связанные с обоснованием духовно-ценностной концепции правопонимания и необходимости ее практической реализации в криминотеологии.
Кріцак, І. В. Духовно-ціннісна концепція праворозуміння як перспектива розвитку кримінотеології / І. В. Кріцак // Juris Europensis Scientia. – 2022. – Вип. 2. – С. 112-119. - DOI: https://doi.org/10.32837/chern.v0i2.357.
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