Роль адміністративного права в механізмі реалізації захисту прав дитини в Україні






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Право і безпека. – 2014. – № 2 (53). – С. 37-41


У контексті принципів та положень адміністративного права досліджено становлення нормативно-правової бази захисту прав дитини в Україні та вплив на її розвиток норм і стандартів міжнародного права. Здійснено спробу детально розкрити принципи адміністрування в механізмі реалізації прав дитини в Україні. Обґрунтовано зв’язок захисту прав дитини в Україні з предметом вивчення адміністративного права.
This article is devoted to studying the mechanism of children rights’ realization in Ukraine in the context of the principles and provisions of administrative law. Formation of the normative and legal basis of children rights’ protection in Ukraine and its impact on the development of norms and standards of international law are researched. An attempt to reveal in details the principles of administration within the mechanism of realizing children rights in Ukraine, which are in legality; applying mainly methods of education and persuasion; transparency; privacy of the information about children, who have committed offenses and who were treated with the measures of individual prevention; inadmissibility of humiliation of children honor and dignity, child abuse, etc. is made in the article. The conclusions ground a striking connection between children rights’ protection in Ukraine and the object of studying administrative law, where it is stated that the administrative law is to some extent derived from the constitutional law, and therefore its norms are aimed at clarification and explanation of the main constitutional provisions governing the status and fundamental rights of a child. The norms of administrative law are aimed at resolving executive and administrative activity of the subjects of administrative and legal regulation (children – on the one hand, and central bodies of the executive power, local authorities and other bodies and services for children and special institutions for children, on the other hand). They are also aimed at protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of a child; generally obligation and imperative character of administrative law norms make it possible to realize the state policy concerning children clearly and strictly. Realization of administrative law norms is guaranteed and secured by the power of the state influence up to compulsion; norms of administrative law are the norms-guarantees of mutual rights and duties realization between a child and the state.
В контексте принципов и положений административного права исследовано становление нормативно-правовой базы защиты прав ребёнка в Украине и влияние на её развитие норм и стандартов международного права. Совершена попытка детально раскрыть принципы администрирования в механизме реализации прав ребенка в Украине, обоснована связь защиты прав ребенка в Украине с предметом изучения административного права.


Коломоєць, Н. В. Роль адміністративного права в механізмі реалізації захисту прав дитини в Україні / Н. В. Коломоєць // Право і безпека. – 2014. – № 2 (53). – С. 37-41.

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