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Актуальні проблеми правознавства. - 2019. - № 3 (19). - С. 113-120


Проведено правовий та науковий аналіз особливостей набуття правового статусу особою, зниклою безвісти. Розглянуто законодавчі, наукові визначення «особи, зниклої безвісти» та запропоновано власне визначення.
In the article the authors separately analyze the conceptual apparatus in the studied direction. The defnitions of «missing person», «missing person», «deceased individual» are clarifed. It was found that the defnition of the term «missing person» for a long period of time did not have proper consolidation. In the scientifc literature and in the legislation it was possible to fnd close to this formulation. For the frst time the statutory wording of the «missing person» is disclosed in the current Law of Ukraine «On the Legal Status of Missing Persons», adopted on July 12, 2018. The authors in the article identify the difference between «missing person» and «missing person» because the concepts are at frst glance similar. Attention is drawn to the fact that a person’s unknown absence is established by a court decision, and such a decision is not required to recognize a missing person. The authors found that acquiring the status of missing person allows her to subsequently acquire, through a court decision, the status of missing or declared deceased. According to the authors, the concept of «missing person», «missing person», «deceased person» are not identical, so the article offers their clarifcation defnitions of these concepts. It has been determined that a person may disappear under different circumstances. The article states that the current legislation identifes special types of «missing persons, taking into account the circumstances in which they may have disappeared.» The authors conclude that the legislation should take into account all circumstances in which persons may disappear. For example, a person may disappear due to their arrears, due to an exacerbation of a person’s mental, psychological illness, memory loss, and more. The authors, analyzing the legal status of the missing person, indicate that it acquires the missing status from the moment the applicant submits a statement about the disappearance of the unknown person and his search or by court order. The statement on the fact of disappearance of the person of the unknown and his search shall be submitted to the relevant territorial body of the National Police of Ukraine. The article states that the bodies authorized for the search of persons who have been missing are the National Police of Ukraine and the units carrying out operational search activities, defned by the Law of Ukraine «On Operative Investigation Activity». The authors selectively analyze the experience of some countries on the legal status of the missing person and conclude that international experience is useful for its use in Ukraine. The authors of the article determined that national legislation did not catch the attention of foreigners and stateless persons. It is established that their acquisition of the status of missing person, if they have resided permanently or mainly in the territory of Ukraine, will be regulated by Ukrainian legislation. The article establishes that the conclusion of international treaties by Ukraine allows to regulate important interstate relations in order to determine the procedure for acquiring a status of a missing person, since acquiring such status is required not only by citizens of Ukraine within our country or another, but also by foreigners residing in the territory of Ukraine.
Провен правовой и научный анализ особенностей приобретения правового статуса личностью, пропавшей безвести. Рассматривается законодательные, научные определения «личности, пропавшей безвести» и предлагается собственное определение.


Перепелиця, М. Особливості набуття правового статусу особи, зниклої безвісти / Микола Перепелиця, Дмитро Бойчук // Актуальні проблеми правознавства. - 2019. - № 3 (19). - С. 113-120. - DOI: https://doi.org/10.35774/app2019.03.113.

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Кримінально-процесуальне право. Criminal and Procedure Law. Уголовное процессуальное право, Наукові публікації. Scientific publications. Научные публикации, Україна. Ukraine. Украина, Оперативно-розшукова діяльність. Operative and search activity. Оперативно-розыскная деятельность, operative and search activity, оперативно-розыскная деятельность, особа, зникла безвісти, особа безвісно відсутня, особа, оголошена померлою, правовий статус особи, розшук осіб, личность, пропавшая безвести, личность безвестно отсутствующая, личность, объявленная умершей, правовой статус личности, розыск личностей, person disappeared, person is not missing, person declared dead, legal status of a person, searching for people

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