Content and Features of Economic Activity as an Object of Administrative and Legal Regulation






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Журнал східноєвропейського права. – 2015. – № 14. – С. 71–74


Визначено зміст і особливості господарської діяльності як об'єкта адміністративно-правового регулювання. Надано поняття господарської діяльності, проаналізовано особливості правового регулювання господарської діяльності.
Development of Ukraine as an independent, sovereign, democratic and legal state is provided by the widespread implementation of the market economy in our country as a guarantee of building highly developed country. This factor contributes to the development of various types and forms of economic activity and, therefore, the implementation of new areas of the state policy, including legislative one, which should provide a regulatory settlement of business entities’ activity, control over keeping the current legislation by them, as well as revealing and suppression of any violations of the current legislation in the studied area. The objective of this article is to determine the content and features of economic activity as the object of administrative and legal regulation. To achieve this objective, the author believes, that it is necessary: to define the concept of economic activity; to analyze its main features; to study the features of legal regulation of economic activity; to determine the features of this activity as an object of administrative and legal regulation. It is concluded that the economic activity in Ukraine is regulated not only by the norms of commercial law. Nowadays, there are many legal acts in various branches of law in our country that may affect this type of activity. Special place among them occupy norms of administrative law that define the legal basis of economic entities’ activity in relations with public authorities or their officials, reinforce the strategic directions of the production sector development and solve a number of other issues related to executive and administrative activities of the state.
Определены содержание и особенности хозяйственной деятельности как объекта административно-правового регулирования. Предоставлено понятие хозяйственной деятельности, проанализированы особенности правового регулирования хозяйственной деятельности.


Muzychuk O. M. Content and Features of Economic Activity as an Object of Administrative and Legal Regulation [Електронний ресурс] / Muzychuk Oleksandr M. // Журнал східноєвропейського права. – 2015. – № 14. – С. 71–74. – Режим доступу:

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