Протидія злочинності в Харківській області: стан, тенденції, прогноз

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Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2016. - № 1 (12). - С. 175-184.
Статтю присвячено аналізу кількісно-якісних показників стану протидії злочинності в Харківській області та прогнозуванню основних тенденцій їх змін в контексті трансформації соціально-економічної ситуації в регіоні.
The article’s objective is the analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the state of crime counteraction in Kharkiv region and forecast of the main tendencies of their changes in the context of the transformation of the socio-economic situation in the region. Detection of regional characteristics of crime includes studying similarities and differences between quantitative and qualitative indicators of crime (state, structure, factors, geography, etc.) in the regions. The research of these indicators reveals the opportunities to study existing not only general and specific patterns of crime, but also their functioning on typological and classification levels. It is concluded that fundamentally new position of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, aimed at transparency and provision of its activities of socially oriented nature and the measures taken for the construction and development of the National Police, particularly its preventive component contribute the formation of positive dynamics in fighting against crime. Besides, significant results and positive effects are expected in the result of the provisions laid down in the approved by Kharkiv regional council on the initiative of Kharkiv regional state administration programme solutions relating to territorial defense, preventing corruption, ensuring public safety and order in the region. There is no doubt that this tendency of improving criminological situation is also due to fulfillment of regional preventive programmes and activization of work with prosecutor’s office to strengthen the recording and registration of criminal offenses within all law enforcement agencies. However, the downward tendency in the number of reported criminal offenses, observed as through the whole country, as in Kharkiv region in particular, has both objective and subjective reasons. The decrease of law enforcement agencies’ activities in detecting crimes is obvious, because the action of the main factors that contribute to their commission was not reduced, and in the period of the development of financial, economic and socio-political crisis even became worse. These conclusions are supported by diverse dynamics of changes in the number of appeals to law enforcement agencies, the number of reported criminal offenses and data relating to initiated and completed criminal proceedings (especially considering the balance of previous years).
Статья посвящена анализу количественно-качественных показателей состояния противодействия преступности в Харьковской области и прогнозированию основных тенденций их изменений в контексте трансформации социально-экономической ситуации в регионе.
Райнін, І. Л. Протидія злочинності в Харківській області: стан, тенденції, прогноз / І. Л. Райнін // Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2016. - № 1 (12). - С. 175-184.
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