Criminogenic risks of irregular migration in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine

Метою роботи є осягнення та дослідження вимірів нелегальної міграції, а саме її криміногенних та віктимологічних джерел та її фонового впливу на кримінальні процеси в умовах збройного конфлікту в Україні.
The purpose of the paper is to comprehend and examine dimensions of irregular migration, namely its criminogenic and victimological sources, and its background influence on criminal processes in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine. Results of the study allow us to draw a sound conclusion that irregular migration poses a number of criminogenic risks to Ukrainian national security, as well as to the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, especially of those who remain or arrive to the occupied territories. The research ascertains that criminogenic potential of migration may be viewed from two related perspectives associated with the phenomenon of migrants’ criminality and migrants as potential or real victims of crime. The research outlines the factors providing a favourable environment for engaging irregular migrants into criminal activities. Based on the recent amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and on current criminal statistics, the research ascertains the links of ethnic minority criminality and mercenary activities with irregular migration in Ukraine. The research provides arguments that internally displaced persons can be viewed as a contemporary type of intra-state migration that poses additional criminogenic hazards in the conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine. Practical implications of the study lay in the recommendations for decreasing the risks of irregular migration, in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine, and defned the following: Resolving the issue on the legal status of the armed conflict in Eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as recognizing Lugansk Public Republic and Donetsk Public Republics as terrorist’s organizations on the national level. Reinforcing suppression of all kinds of smuggling, including international. The same way, with the occupied territories, providing legal and psychological support to the victims of human traffcking and to the internally displaced persons; intensifcation of awareness-raising campaign on the risks on migrant smuggling and human traffcking among Ukrainian citizens, including the population of the affected conflict regions; reinforcing the fght against organized crime, and paying a specifc attention at counteracting ethnic minority criminality. Finally, enhancing organizational bases and legal support in the feld of counteracting irregular migration.
Цель статьи - осмыслить и изучить аспекты нелегальной миграции, а именно ее криминогенные и виктимологические источники, а также ее фоновое влияние на криминальные процессы в условиях вооруженного конфликта в Украине.
Criminogenic risks of irregular migration in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine / Oleksii M. Lytvynov, Yurii V. Orlov, Andrei M. Yashchenko, Kseniya V. Yurtayeva // DIXI. – 2021. – Vol. 23, № 2 (julio-diciembre). – P. 1-25. – DOI:
Oleksii M. Lytvynov, Yurii V. Orlov, Andrei M. Yashchenko & Kseniya V. Yurtayeva. Criminogenic risks of irregular migration in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine. DIXI, vol. 23, n°. 2, julio-diciembre 2021, 1-25.DOI:
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