Теоретико-прикладні проблеми суб’єктивної сторони ухилення від сплати аліментів на утримання дітей






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Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2015. - № 1 (9). - С. 302-312.


Розглянуто зміст ознак, які характеризують суб’єктивну сторону ухилення від сплати аліментів, передбаченого ст. 164 КК України. Наведено аргументи, що вказаний елемент складу злочину може визначатись не лише прямим, але й непрямим умислом.
An effective criminal and legal protection of the institution of family, childhood, protecting the interests of minors is an important task of the state, which solution ensures the implementation of the ideas of civil society, guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of a man and citizen. To solve this it is important clearly and reasonably determine the content of elements and features of the crimes that infringe on the stated objects, in particular, such as evasion of paying children support (the Art. 164 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). In the latest publications concerning criminal and legal characteristics of this crime there is unsolved issue about the content of features that characterize the subjective side of this crime’s corpus delicti. The objective of the publication is to analyze the forms and types of guilt as a mandatory feature that characterize the subjective side of the criminal evasion of paying children support. The offence under the Art. 164 of the Criminal Code can be committed only with intent, as it is indicated by several criteria: 1) a feature of malice of the act, which is directly stated in the disposition of the Art. 164 of the Criminal Code; 2) description of the typical mode of action (evasion) in the law that indicates on its purposeful nature. Awareness of the guilty party in social danger of the action while committing a criminal evasion of paying child support is determined by his knowledge about the age or disability of the victim, his understanding of the illegality of his conduct (in the sense that the latter is a violation of existing obligations on keeping the victim, that he illegally holds some funds, that is the object of a crime). Therefore, while qualifying this offence it is important to acknowledge the guilty party with the judgment, which obliges him to pay alimony. Prediction of socially dangerous consequences means that the guilty party should clearly understand the fact that it is his behavior (actually, his omission and actions for its provision) causes or may cause harm to the subject of alimony by missing income in the amount of at least six months of relevant payments. The most spread type of guilt in criminal evasion of paying alimony is a direct intent, when an offender considers a single purpose in making harm to property interests of a victim. However, socially dangerous result, which is included to the objective side of the offence under the Art. 164 of the Criminal Code can be considered by a guilty party as an incidental result of his behavior, the occurrence of which he does not need, but at the same time agrees to its inevitability or possibility of its occurrence. So the intent in committing this crime may be indirect. This should be taken into account while establishing the grounds of criminal liability for evasion to pay child support, as well as for individualization of this liability in every case.
Рассмотрено содержание признаков, характеризующих субъективную сторону уклонения от уплаты алиментов, предусмотренного ст. 164 УК Украины. Приведены аргументы, что указанный элемент состава преступления может определятся не только прямым, но и косвенным умыслом.


Семеногов, І. В. Теоретико-прикладні проблеми суб’єктивної сторони ухилення від сплати аліментів на утримання дітей / І. В. Семеногов // Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2015. - № 1 (9). - С. 302-312.

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Кримінальне право. Criminal Law. Уголовное право, Наукові публікації. Scientific publications. Научные публикации, Україна. Ukraine. Украина, ухилення від сплати аліментів, аліменти, суб’єктивна сторона злочину, умисел, усвідомлення протиправності діяння, свідоме припущення суспільно небезпечних наслідків, evasion, alimony, mens rea, intent, awareness of the illicit action, conscious assumption of socially dangerous consequences, уклонение от уплаты алиментов, алименты, субъективная сторона преступления, умысел, осознание противоправности деяния, сознательное допущение общественно опасных последствий

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