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Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2015. - № 1 (9). - С. 7-14.


Стаття присвячена розробці поняття «механізм протидії злочинності» та дослідженню його сутності у порівнянні із суміжними категоріями. Визначено місце цього поняття у системі кримінологічних категорій.
A new scientific direction within the limits of legal theory has been formed. It involves the use of scientific knowledge of public relations of the mechanistic approach in this field. As a scientific category “mechanism of crime counteraction” is associated with the concept of the relevant activity. Activities on crime counteraction may be considered both as the general material legal guarantee of public and private interests’ realization in this area, and as the problem of their contact, the existence of which is conditioned by complex and contradictory mechanisms of realizing this activity within the departmental goal-setting and branch competence. While developing the concept of the activity mechanism one should consider right accentuation on the organization way and functioning of the phenomenon, because it is this approach will provide further synthesis not only static elements but also dynamic ones. The term “mechanism” may be used in this case to characterize the functioning of a certain system, where the specific activity as a system whole is reflected. It records the most general and essential features, relations between needs and specific kinds of activity to meet them, i.e. the achievement of a certain result from this kind of activity. The term “mechanism” in relation to the specified area of social reality should reflect the ways of organization and functioning of the system and characterize the forms of reflection in the relevant procedures of social processes and regularity. Therefore, the mechanism of crime counteraction, despite the mechanism of management, has such a specific structural feature as the process of realizing the activity with inherent goals, tasks, functions, methods, principles, etc. Whereas mentioned complex organizational and legal phenomenon, aiming at improving the system of crime counteraction includes a set of seamlessly connected and interacting elements (subjective structure, objective, tasks, principles, functions, methods, legal grounds of activity, etc.). This mechanism is derived category from the system of crime counteraction as a social phenomenon and serves as a mean of expressing its practical potential. The mechanism of crime counteraction from mechanistic positions is an internal system (form of organization) of criminological activity, mechanics of transforming the ideas contained in the legal consciousness into real social practice.
Статья посвящена разработке понятия «механизм противодействия преступности» и исследованию его сущности по сравнению со смежными категориями. Определено место этого понятия в системе криминологических категорий.


Бандурка, О. М. Поняття та сутність механізму протидії злочинності / О. М. Бандурка, О. М. Литвинов // Вісник Кримінологічної асоціації України. - 2015. - № 1 (9). - С. 7-14.

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